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Klíma mosó zsák kazettáshoz
Klíma mosó zsák kazettáshoz
38 862 Ft (30 600 Ft+ÁFA)

Klíma mosó zsák kazettáshoz

38 862 Ft (30 600 Ft+ÁFA)
A vásárlás után járó pontok: 1 166 Ft

User's Guide:

  1. Use of this equipment is reserved to qualified and trained personnel.
  2. Before positioning the protective cover disconnect the electrical power supply to the machine.
  3. Use suitable personal protective equipment.
  4. Do not use the protective cover with the machine running.
  5. Before positioniong the protective cover, open the air intake of the internal casette unit and remove the air filter.
  6. Position the protective cover under the internal casette unit.
  7. Use the dedicated attachments to hook the cover onto the frame of the casette.
  8. Connect the drain fitting to a pipe (not supplied) to collect the cleaning liquid.
  9. Start cleaning operations using specific products for the scope.
  10. After cleaning, remove the protective cover, watching out for any dripping liquids that may have been trapped inside.
  11. Clean the cover of any residual dirty liquids.
  12. Dry the cover before replacing it.
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